Social Media Automation

5 Reasons You Need to Take Social Media Automation Seriously

Imagine you had 10 extra hours a week, what would you do?

You could pencil in more appointments. Or you could do more meaningful and productive stuff to grow your business. 

Or… how about just relax?

Whatever it is you’d decide to do yourself, you know those extra hours are so precious. And once you have them you’ll never give them up!

So think about what tasks you can axe to free up your time…

Like all those repetitive routine tasks on social media, which statistics say the average business owner spends multiple hours on, each week.

Because if you’re like us, you’ll have an average of at least 4-5 social media accounts that need to be managed (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest).

Otherwise, you risk losing potential website traffic opportunities…

You risk not reaching a wider client base…

You risk not building a loyal following…

You risk not becoming an industry leader…

And you risk not growing your practice and business…

Hence, you can’t just sit back and watch other health and wellness practitioners crush their goals.

Because you can too.

In fact, you can start making things easier for yourself and get ahead of the competition.

The key is to start embracing social media automation. These 5 compelling reasons will convince you to do it now.

1) Social media automation ensures consistency

Do you know what makes people stick to brands on social media? Consistency.

You have to be consistent with the quality and frequency of the content you share.

When it comes to your health and wellness business’ social media accounts, sharing random posts on the fly leaves much room for error.

Typos aside, there ARE more serious consequences when you try to be spontaneous all the time, such as:

  • Inconsistent tone and style
  • Bad links
  • Lack of direction and purpose in your posts

But because you’re pressured to share multiple posts a day across all your social media profiles, you’re too busy focusing on quantity and not quality.

You don’t have a social media plan and you’re not thinking things through.

In fact, you don’t scour the web for the best content to share in your health and wellness niche (because it’s a time-suck).

Whereas, with social media automation, you can be consistent with your updates by planning posts in advance and allotting enough time to do it right.

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This way, your followers get what they expect and you unburden your daily routine with constant interruptions.

Just as important, you can ensure the quality of the content you share.

2) Social media automation is like having a content marketer

Do you have the urge to share what’s viral in your niche?

We all do right, that’s what sparks engagement with our followers.

And don’t get us started on rustling through old content to repurpose it. This process takes too much time and effort that can easily be avoided if you’re using the right tool!

Some people hire other people to do this, but if you don’t have the money to pay for someone to do this then you are forced to do it all yourself. 

So just as we’ve been saying: creating and finding evergreen content to share on social media demands too much time and effort.


With social media automation tools like SocialOmm, you can easily find trending content on any topic in any format (photos, articles, videos), and in any country.

Using our Content Discovery feature to find fresh new content that’s specific to what you want to share with your followers will certainly generate engagement.

SocialOmm Content Discovery

This ensures consistency in your strategy as quality, relevant posts go out every day or as scheduled.

This is literally as easy as set and forget!

3) Social media automation gives you control to execute your strategy

What’s your social media schedule for success?

Do you know the best times and days when people engage with your content so you get more likes, comments and shares?

With social media automation when using SocialOmm, you can categorize your posts and share them at the best times and days of the week, and then recycle/re-share your best posts again—once, twice, forever—precisely on a schedule you want.

SocialOmm Social Media Scheduler

Is that not just the coolest thing for your social media marketing efforts?

It’s like a more efficient way of talking to your potential clients because you know when they are going to listen.

4) Social media automation can boost your branding

When your health and wellness business brand shows up consistently on all your social media platforms, you start to build brand awareness and establish credibility amongst your followers. Not to mention gain trust.

But we know you’re super busy. Branding social media images doesn’t just sound time-consuming, it seems all too technical.

Most health and wellness professionals are experts in health and wellness – not branding, not visual design. You’re a health professional after all… not a designer!

That’s when social media automation tools like SocialOmm becomes a gift that keeps on giving. It comes with free resources to help you build your brand, such as free social media images and a cool watermark tool:

SocialOmm Media Library

Even with zero design experience, you can instantly brand any image.

All you have to do is:

  • Upload your logo
  • Choose the placement of your logo (bottom-left, top-right, center, etc)

You can even ‘automagically’ add a background color to your logo and set the width and padding around it. The options are endless. Once you’re done, save your watermark setting as your default to easily apply this to future posts!

And if you’re not blessed in the design department, check out Healthinomics where you can download ready-made social media images to brand as your own and instantly share across all your social media profiles.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of our social media content that you can get your hands on:

Healthinomics Social Media Images

5) Social media automation Saves Time

Think of the amount of time you allocate to social media marketing every day, week or year. It all adds up!

Instead of spending hours searching for evergreen content to share on social, you can simply discover exciting and relevant content using SocialOmm’s Content Discovery feature and download all your ready-made social media images from Healthinomics.

Now that’s productivity at its best!

There’s no need to login to each of your social media accounts one-by-one to manually post content. Instead, simply connect your social profiles to your SocialOmm account and let it do all the heavy lifting for you.

You could free up to 2 to 3 hours each day skipping this part completely and use the time to engage with your followers as well as other things that count towards growing your wellness business.

This is the biggest incentive in automating social media.

SocialOmm gives you the freedom to free your time of the tasks that burden you and gain more hours, and even clients!

Final Note…

For your health and wellness business to thrive, you NEED social media. There’s no doubt about it.

But because it’s ever-changing and can be challenging, it can be hard to keep up the pace.

That’s exactly why you need to take social media automation seriously. Here’s a breakdown:

  • It will help you to master consistency in terms of content frequency and quality. This builds trust in your audience.
  • The same goes for branding, which social media automation with SocialOmm can now simplify – use it to help automate your social media marketing.
  • It will give you total control on when, how and what to share on every social media channel to ensure visibility and engagement.
  • It will save you tons of time, which is a priceless commodity these days.

Embrace social media automation now and you could be planning your expansion or your next vacation!

What will you do with all your spare time? Comment below!

P.S. We love hearing about how we are helping your social media marketing efforts, as well as your ideas for new features and additions, so add your comments below. We take all feedback seriously 🙂