We’re excited to announce the release of SocialOmm V.2! Here are the new improvements and updates now available to you:

🎉 Mobile & Tablet Friendly

We’ve done significant work to make the system mobile and tablet friendly! There’s still some work to do on mobile, but V.2 is now responsive, which we’re certain you’ll be happy about as you can finally schedule your posts and manage your social media calendar on the go!

🎉 New Login Page

When you next login to your SocialOmm account, you’ll notice we’ve given our login page a fresh new look:

🎉 Refreshed Interface Design

We’ve refreshed the interface design of the app, which we believe will make your SocialOmm experience even more enjoyable. You’ll notice some areas are a little different, but still very easy to navigate through. 

Here are some updates worth mentioning:

Post Calendar

The ‘Queue’ is now the ‘Post Calendar’ (you can get to it by clicking ‘Calendar’ in the left menu). This is still where you can view all your scheduled posts in a calendar view allowing you to get a birds-eye view of what’s scheduled to be shared on which day and time, as well as add posts to your calendar directly:

Post Groups

The ‘Post Planner’ is now ‘Post Groups’ as we felt this better reflects the use of this area – a place to group your posts into categories.

As before, each category has its own posting schedule where you set the days/times you want to share the posts in each category, along with the social profiles you want to share them to.

SocialOmm will automatically share the posts in each category one-by-one, as per your sharing schedule, and once all posts have been shared, SocialOmm will cycle back to the start and continue sharing your posts in that category if you’ve set your post repetition to share multiple times (or even forever if you want your social media marketing content to be completely evergreen).

Once you have set your sharing schedule and have approved your posts in a category, they will then be automatically added to your Post Calendar so you can see when posts are being shared at all times.

Create New Post

When you create a new post, you’ll see the module now pops out from the right-hand side. All of the functionality is the same as before, we’ve just refreshed the layout and design.

Content Discovery

We’ve given the Content Discovery area a fresh new look so it’s now easier than ever to find great news articles to use in your posts and fill your calendar. 

You can now schedule a news article to your calendar directly from here (or add it to a Post Group to categorize it). SocialOmm will automatically pre-fill the post with the article image and post description so all you need to do is hit schedule!

Media Library

The Media Library is now more user-friendly and you can drag-and-drop images and video files to upload.

🎉 Bug Fixes

Lastly, we’ve fixed up a number of different bugs and improvements, some you will notice and others you might not. We’ll also be releasing a number of minor versions to finish off any items, such as mobile responsiveness.

What’s Next? 

As you know, connecting an Instagram profile or Facebook Group is currently unavailable in SocialOmm since we had to remove our Buffer integration for reasons out of our control (our Buffer integration allowed you to connect these social profiles).

So, in January 2021, we’ll be working on integrating Instagram into SocialOmm directly (without the need for a third-party) so you can effortlessly publish all your posts directly to your Instagram accounts in SocialOmm. We’ll be doing this by integrating Zapier into SocialOmm, which is a very exciting upcoming improvement!

The exciting thing about integrating Zapier is that it opens up SocialOmm to the rest of the Zapier ecosystem, giving us access to 1,800+ services Zapier integrates with! This means – in the near future – you’ll be able to schedule your posts to services like Pinterest, WordPress Blogs, Google Sheets, and many more! 

This opens up a whole world of opportunity for SocialOmm to become a lot more than just a social media scheduler – it could become a content scheduler 🙌

*Since Instagram is the most popular network out of the two, we’ll work on adding Facebook Groups back into SocialOmm once the Instagram integration is complete.

Got Questions?

If you’ve got questions about these new updates or are having any problems since the release of V.2, send us an email to help@socialomm.com or go to our Help Center and click ‘Contact’ in the top menu.

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