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Watch our video to learn how SocialOmm can put the zen in your social media marketing

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Learn how SocialOmm can put the zen in your social media marketing.

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SocialOmm Post Scheduler

Save time by scheduling all your social posts in advance

Keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once, across all your social profiles.

Plan days, weeks, months, or even years in advance. Set the times of day (and days of the week) when your content should be posted and SocialOmm will publish them automatically for you according to your schedule.

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Manage all your social profiles from one place

Stop wasting time logging into multiple social media accounts. Instead, use SocialOmm to manage all of your social media profiles in one place.

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Set Your Posting Schedule - SocialOmm
Set Your Posting Schedule

Choose the dates and times you want to publish to each social media profile. Set your schedule once and you're good to go!

Add Your Posts to Queue - SocialOmm
Queue Posts

Add posts to your Post Groups when you have time and SocialOmm will automatically share them based on your group's schedule.

Grow Your Followers - SocialOmm
Grow Your Followers

SocialOmm makes it really easy to maintain a consistent presence on social media so you can grow your followers easily.

SocialOmm Post Groups

Organize all your posts into groups

Manage your content more effectively by organizing your posts into groups like "Promotions", "Tips & Tricks", "Facts", "News & Insights", "Testimonials", etc. Our preset groups take the thinking out of it all for you!

Better yet, drip feed all your content in a certain group to be shared on social media and set the days and times you want to share them.

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SocialOmm Media Library

Build a library of social media images and videos

Build your own collection of images and videos for sharing on social and organize them into categories in the Media Library. Get started instantly with our collection of free beautiful ready-made social media images waiting for you to add your logo to and share on social media!

When you need more health and wellness images like this, simply head over to Healthinomics to download more ready-made content!

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Automatically add your logo to your images before sharing on social

SocialOmm makes it easy for you to add your logo to your images before sharing on social. Perfect for personalizing your images and keeping your message on brand!

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Add Logo Watermark to Social Media Post
1. Upload Your Logo

Easily upload any watermark file, such as your logo, to place on your post before sharing on social media.

2. Add a Background

Add a background to your watermark in any colour or transparency - great when you need to make your logo stand out! Add padding around your logo and even choose the width!

3. Choose the Placement

Choose where you want to place your watermark with 9 preset options - bottom left, top right, middle center, and more!

4. Save Default Watermark

Save your default watermark options so you can quickly apply this to every image you share on social media. Now that's being smart!

Content Discovery in SocialOmm

Discover awesome content in your niche

Remove the stress from content creation and use our Content Discovery feature to find fresh new trending articles on any topic. Simply enter a keyword and schedule articles in one click or add them to a Post Group.

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Ready-made health and wellness images at your fingertips

Access our library of beautiful ready-made health and wellness content over at Healthinomics. Upload the social media images directly to your SocialOmm media library and add your logo watermark before sharing. You'll never have to waste time creating visual content for sharing on social media again!

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Recycle your posts automatically to get noticed

Fill the gaps in your social media marketing schedule with SocialOmm. Better yet, choose how often you want to repeat your posts and the days/times you want to recycle posts in a group! Now that’s smart social media marketing.

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Fill The Gaps In Your Schedule

SocialOmm will automatically fill the gaps in your schedule so you can stop worrying about your social media calendar and never run out of content again.

Increase Your Traffic

Increase your traffic 5x or more by recycling your best articles, blog posts and photos. Extend the life of evergreen content and reach new audiences.

Easily Reuse Content

Effortlessly reuse your best posts to drive more traffic and save tons of time. Get more out of every social media image, blog post, video, and article.

Get a birds-eye view of your scheduled posts

View all your scheduled posts in a calendar view to get a birds-eye view of what's scheduled for sharing every day of the week.

Add One-Off Updates Directly

Quickly add posts for one-off events and realtime updates to your calendar directly.

View Post Statistics

Once a post has been shared to social, you can view your post statistics on the Calendar for each social profile you shared to.

Craft the perfect post for each of your social profiles

Creating posts in SocialOmm is quick and easy! Add posts to your calendar for sharing immediately or schedule them for a date/time of your choice. You have complete control over your social media marketing schedule!

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Mobile & Tablet Friendly – SocialOmm

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

SocialOmm is responsive on mobile and tablet so you can schedule your posts and manage your social media calendar on the go!

Even more great features you'll love

Here are even more ways SocialOmm will help put the zen in your social media efforts.

Check out our Feature Roadmap for even more upcoming features »
Add unlimited social profiles

There's no limit to the number of social media profiles you can connect.

Work solo or part of a team

Manage your social media on your own or invite your team members and collaborate with them.

Designed for health and wellness

SocialOmm is the only social media scheduling tool made for health and wellness professionals.

Your queue will never run dry

Automatically fill the gaps in your schedule and stop worrying about what and when to post on social media!

Auto insert hash tags and emojis

SocialOmm can analyse your post text and 'automagically' insert relevant hash tags and emojis into your post!

Drip feed content per category

Drip feed all your content in a certain category to be shared on social media and set the days and times to share them.

Super quick to set up

Unlike most clunky social media scheduling tools that take days to learn and set up, you’ll be up and running in minutes!

Switch between brands

If you manage multiple business brands, you can switch between brands in the one SocialOmm account!

Only what you need

We've focused on adding only the important stuff you need to keep your social marketing organized and your mind sane.

“SocialOmm has helped me seriously reduce the hours I spend on social media marketing for my yoga studio. Now I can't live without it.”
Kristi Adams

Yoga Instructor

Watch our video to learn how SocialOmm can put the zen in your social media marketing

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  • Personal Trainers
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  • Health Clinics
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