2021 Feature Roadmap

We’re committed to constantly improving SocialOmm. Here’s a list of our upcoming exciting features that you'll be able to enjoy soon.

Feature Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4+
Zapier Integration Jan 2021
Our exciting new Zapier integration will not only allow us to integrate Instagram and Facebook Groups directly into SocialOmm (without the need for a third-part), it will also open up SocialOmm to the rest of the Zapier ecosystem, giving us access to 1,800+ services Zapier integrates with! This means – in the near future – you'll be able to schedule your posts to services like Pinterest, WordPress Blogs, Google Sheets, and many more!
Instagram Direct Integration Jan 2021
After having to temporarily disable our Instagram integration (via Buffer), we'll be adding Instagram back to SocialOmm via Zapier – this time, you won't need a third-party tool like Buffer to connect it!
Facebook Group Direct Integration Feb 2021
After having to temporarily disable our Facebook Groups integration (via Buffer), we'll be adding Facebook Groups back to SocialOmm via Zapier – this time, you won't need a third-party tool like Buffer to connect it!
Pinterest Integration
With the Zapier integration complete, we'll be adding support for Pinterest to SocialOmm too!
Graphic Design Tool
Our exciting new Graphic Design Tool will be a powerful mixture of Canva and RelayThat, allowing you to create stunning graphics that are automatically resized for each social media network at the time of sending!
Mobile App (Android and iPhone)
These apps will provide basic functionality for adding content to your Calendar and Post Groups and allow you to schedule from your mobile.
Improved Reporting
We’ll continue working on our statistics and reporting platform. This will include social media account performance over time and the ability to generate PDF reports.
Improved Teamwork
We’ll make it possible for members of your team to discuss each post i Post Groups, with a full audit log of changes. For example, if Peter changes an image it will show a note in the thread that this action happened.
Chrome and Firefox Extensions
These fully brandable extensions will allow you to easily add content to your Calendar or Post Groups. The initial functionality will be basic (but extremely useful) and will form a strong base for future development.

What We've Completed

Feature Done
Mobile & Tablet Friendly
Full Blown Calendar View for Queue and History (complete with every Health and Wellness Awareness Day)
Integration for Instagram (via Buffer)
Integration for Google My Business (post updates to your location listing on Google Maps and Google Search
Statistics and GIF Support

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